Certified Cyber security associate

CCSA is particularly crafted for newcomers who wish to build a career in Cyber Security domain.

This course incorporates all the significant subdomains (Web/ Mobile/ Network & Forensics) of Cyber Security which assists an individual to take further selection on the best field of interest. 

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Fundamentals of cybersecurity & Ethical hacking

Introduction to cyber security | Elements of cybersecurity | What is hacking? | Difference between hacking & ethical hacking | Types of hackers | Phases of Ethical Hacking


Basics of computer network

What is network? | What is internet? | Introduction to IP address | Introduction to Networking protocols | Brief introduction of how networking works | Introduction of network components


System hacking & safeguarding

Virus, worms & other malwares | How key loggers work? | System hacking using malware | How to create virus? | How to check if your system has the virus? | System safeguards


Social engineering & security

What is phishing? | Vishing | Email security | Counter measures of phishing


WEb application basics

Introduction to web application | Introduction to database | Introduction to server | How web-hosting works?


web application Hacking & Security

Introduction to web application | Introduction to database | Google hacking techniques | Introduction to OWASP top 10 project | SQL injection and mitigation | XSS and mitigation | Burp suite guide | Mitigation techniques


Network Basics

Information gathering techniques | Network sniffing | Network scanning | Port scanning | Introduction to DNS | How to safeguard network?


Introduction to kali linux

What is kali Linux? | Introduction to VM ware | Working with KALI Linux | Basic Kali Linux commands | Introduction to hacking platform - Metasploit


Reverse engineering 

What is reverse engineering? | Introduction to assembly languages | Reverse Engineering tools


wireless security

How Wi-Fi works? | Different protocols of WIFI | MAC filtering | Types of authentication | Types of wireless attacks | Security counter measures


mobile security basics

What is android? | Android architecture | Android phone rooting | Security checks on Android


cryptographic basics

What is cryptography? | Introduction to various techniques of cryptography | Types of encryptions and hashes


cyber forensics fundamentals

Email tracing | System log analysis | Server log analysis | Data recovery | Security countermeasures


Introduction to dos,ddos & botnet

What is DoS attack? | How to protect against DoS attack? | What is DDoS attack? | How to protect against DDoS attack? | Introduction of Botnet


cyber laws & IT acts

Various Cyber laws across globe | Indian IT acts | What is GDPR?


Case studies of major famous Hack & Data breaches | Cyber Security stats

case studies

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