Search google like a pro-HACKER : Top google hacks you must know!

Googling is a skill now days. Searching specific result in google is time consuming for a regular user but there are some great google hacking techniques which makes your life easier. Check out the blog for awesome google hacks.

2021-08-15 6 min read


Case study: Facebook - Cambridge Analytica data breach

This blog is about a famous data breach scandal by Cambridge Analytica, a UK based IT consulting firm which collected private data of millions of Facebook users and used in political advertising.

2021-08-08 3 min read


Web Application Security essentials for beginner

This blog post will guide an individual to learn web security from scratch. Starting from knowing the web technology to standard tools for VAPT, necessary resources with description.

2021-07-28 3 min read

macbook pro on white table


How to start a career in Cybersecurity?

This blog post will guide an individual to kick off their career in Cybersecurity. A guide on stepping in cybersecurity, includes all required resources and information.

2021-07-21 3 min read



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